Dear SGI Members,

It has been my extreme pleasure to serve you juzu bead needs for the last 9 years.  I have met soooo
many wonderful people/membersfrom all over the world, whose friendships I will always cherish.

Now it is time to turn my artistic talents towards a different art direction, so……..


EVERYTHING on my site is ON SALE!!! 

On top of my already low prices, all juzu beads and bead
bags are further discounted! Order while they last!

GEMSTONES:                                   15% OFF
FRESH WATER PEARLS:                  10% OFF
WOOD:                                            10% OFF

WEDDING SETS:                              15% OFF
SPECIALS:                                       10% OFF
BEAD BAGS:                                     50% OFF


 If you have a juzu that needs to be restrung, send it to me soon, please.   I will no longer be taking special orders.

PLEASE help me get the word out regarding this sale by sharing this information thru your social media exchanges!


Lily Rose

Juzu beads President Toda made from milk-bottle-tops while in prison. Also, the slate he kept his DAIMOKU chart on. Today, I can offer you awesome options.....